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Firenze Books has long seen the need for an old-fashioned book publishing house with a 21st century spirit—the kind that discovers new talent and works with them in every aspect of making and launching a book. Which means: When we take a book on, we’re also taking on the author, with the goal of retaining them through a long, and hopefully, successful career. The way it once was. For a reason. It works. Long term. The way it can be again.


Firenze Books has brought together some of the best people inside the book world to create a truly unique publishing house. The one you want to be a part of!  We are industry leaders in the fields of writing, editing, publicity, design, and marketing, using these sought-after skills to produce books that are jewels of their genres.


It is the mission of Firenze Books to try and get to know personally as many independent and big bookstores in the United States, Canada, UK and Italy as possible. We believe in books, and we believe in those selling books. Just as we do with writers, reviewers, bloggers, editors of literary journals, and international publishing partners.


We are a literary and commercial fiction, non-fiction, memoir, thriller, and smart rom-com publisher, that strongly believes there are many great manuscripts out there, remaining unseen. We would like to fix that.


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For submissions of fiction and nonfiction, please include a brief story outline and a bio. Thank you.

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