Christian Fennell's debut book, Torrents of Our Time, brings together a collection of 22 stories, most of which have appeared in international literary journals and anthologies. A gifted storyteller with a wide-ranging audience, Fennell challenges the weakness in the heart of all our “truths," while illuminating our dreams and our fears. These are stories that reside in the broken places of us, a stunning dance between our flaws and the beauty and joy of who we are, in this place now. Taken as a whole, Torrents of Our Time is a lyrical and page-turning narrative of love, loss, and pain.

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Recent Acclaim for Torrents of Our Time

"Harsh realism brought forth by a very creative pen. An illustrative journey through the darker recesses of the human mind. A continued journey through the darker recesses of the human soul. A book like no other that could appeal to anyone." 

- N. N. Light's Book Heaven

"These stories bemuse, unsettle and surprise in equal measure. Whatever expectations one might have of a book of dark, realist short stories set in rural America, this collection defies them, and instead weaves an elegant song of sadness, dark humour, and strangeness."           

- Neon Books UK

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"Many of Fennell’s stories, which employ different narrative techniques, create effective tension and suspense."

- Kirkus Reviews


“Christian Fennell writes stories to savour. Sharp, salty and sly, they come at you sideways with a shot of poignancy when you least expect it - and a twist of humour when you most need it.” 

- Katy Darby, Director, Liars' League London

“Beautifully moving and profound prose.” 

- James Diaz, Editor-in-chief, Anti-Heroin Chic

"Christian Fennell's 'The Lighthouse, the Pier and the Woman' is captivating and heartbreaking. With his transformative sentences, Fennell skillfully connects the reader to his protagonist.

- Marisela Gomez, Fiction Editor; Kind Writers Literary Magazine

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